On Hiatus


Little did I know that I am a people-pleaser type of person. I always like being liked to the point that I have to maintain a certain image that goes against to what I really want or feel. I can’t just be mad if I want to because I was always too nice. I can’t be observant because I am always outspoken. I can’t be silent because I’m always active. I just can’t be how I feel without changing the way people look at me. That’s super exhausting.

I never ever wanted it to be that way, I thought that I am free to be what I want to be but I ended up caring too much and giving to others that I always sacrifice myself.

Fast forward to now, I took a break from everything or at least slowed it down so I can assess things and realign the real priorities that benefit me and my family. I was on hiatus on a few things, especially to blogging and content creation. I would also turn off my social media from time to time only since my work demands me to be online so I have to put it back again. And one of the most impacting being on hiatus is I can meditate effectively. And it worked.

I lost friends, I lost contact with people who are just there if they need me, I lost them, or should I say they lost me. And when I lost them I found a better sense that I should have done this a long time again rather than holding on to a meaningless friendship. I lost clients and partnerships that don’t really align with my projects too. Most of all I focused on myself and my family.

So you might be wondering why do I need to write it down in a blog?

Well, 2 things.

First, this is where this blog site with going to be, surfacing my newfound purpose and finally getting in the right direction.

The second is, to do something that I really love which is writing. I maybe not be the best blogger out there but I know for sure that I’m going to write something that can help others in their personal journey.

From now on this blog will be advocating for humans and not brands, yes people but people who have suffered in sexual and mental abuse, and feature people from whom we can take inspiration.

So welcome to the new Yellow Vibe, I hope my light will radiate to you.


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