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  • Pusit: HIV Awareness Campaign and What We Need To Know About HIV

    Pusit is an educational movie directed by Arlyn De La Cruz about HIV/AIDS awareness. Pusit is a gay lingo that means HIV positive. The movie tells the different stories of HIV-positive patients, and how their loved ones are coping up with this change, especially how hard is it to deal with the stigma. Jay Manalo…

  • Mental Health

    Care For Your Mental Health

      Mental health refers to the overall well-being of a person’s psychological and emotional state. It encompasses a range of factors such as how one feels about oneself, the ability to manage emotions and stress, relationships with others, and the ability to cope with challenges in life. Good mental health allows individuals to function well…

  • Unsolicited advice


    It’s the Holiday season; sadly, it’s not a jolly one for most people. Not everyone is looking forward, especially to family gatherings or any form of gatherings at all due to the pressure of being asked or told about unsolicited things. Here comes the body shaming and career or life comparing and it’s just too…

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