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  • Unsolicited advice


    It’s the Holiday season; sadly, it’s not a jolly one for most people. Not everyone is looking forward, especially to family gatherings or any form of gatherings at all due to the pressure of being asked or told about unsolicited things. Here comes the body shaming and career or life comparing and it’s just too […]

  • Padayun

    On Hiatus

    Little did I know that I am a people-pleaser type of person. I always like being liked to the point that I have to maintain a certain image that goes against to what I really want or feel. I can’t just be mad if I want to because I was always too nice. I can’t […]

  • Breakthrough Restaurant


    When in Iloilo seafood food trip should be on your itinerary and Breakthrough Restaurant is a must-visit for your seafood cravings. Breakthrough restaurant in Villa is one of the best family restaurants in Iloilo. Since 1986 they have been serving only the best and fresh seafood in town. Located in the seaside of Villa, you can […]

When in Iloilo

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