Breakthrough Restaurant
When in Iloilo seafood food trip should be on your itinerary and Breakthrough Restaurant is a must-visit for your seafood cravings.
Breakthrough restaurant in Villa is one of the best family restaurants in Iloilo. Since 1986 they have been serving only the best and fresh seafood in town. Located in the seaside of Villa, you can enjoy dining with the scenic view of Villa beach and Guimaras Island
Horse riding in Villa
Dining in Breakthrough restaurant was one of my childhood perks since we lived in Villa,  it’s kind of a Sunday or weekend tradition to visit the beach, relax and enjoy good food here.





Everything on their menu is fresh especially the seafood. In the restaurant, you will see tanks full of fish, crabs, shrimps, shells and etc to keep them fresh for dining. Since you are in Villa it’s a must to order Lechon Baboy and Native Manok, Villa is also known to serve best both in Iloilo so include them on your order list.


Lechon Baboy


Lechon Baboy Breakthrough


The dining will never be complete without an oyster. Breakthrough Restaurant so far never failed me when it comes to the best quality and fresh-tasting oysters, you can have it baked or steamed.


Oyster Breakthrough


Next are the fish and squid, grilled squid is a must-try too paired with Sinigang fish soup. They have a lot of fresh fish cuts to choose from, Bangus, tanigue, and managat depending on their catch of the day.


Grilled stuffed squid


Sinigang tanigue


My personal favorite shrimps, prawns, and lobsters. Fresh from the tank, you can choose the size you want and have them cooked whatever you want, steamed, buttered, or sinigang just say it and they will cook it.










Breakthrough Restaurant seafood


If you are looking for the best quality seafood feast, and at the same time enjoy the sea breeze, Breakthrough restaurant is the right place to be. Seaside restaurant, with great service and good food.


Breakthrough Restaurant


However if you can’t go to Villa, they also have other branches in the city, you can visit Ponsyo at Plazuela de Iloilo. You can also go to their Delgado street branch named Dapli.




Pulot Man


There’s an old man selling pulot in Breakthrough Restaurant if ever you miss eating pulot you can get one here.




Pulot or molasses is the thick, brown syrup left after the sugar has been removed from the juice, made during the sugar-making process, and usually used as a sweetener.


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