Business innovation during a pandemic

If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is that things will never be the same again. Working from home will continue to be the norm. Children will continue with online learning and people will try as much as possible to stay at home and see what kind of services they can avail of online.

In such an environment, businesses need to innovate in order to make it in the new normal. They will have to look for other means to market their goods and services. This is especially true for those who own mall-based businesses. People will now think twice about going to the mall and are now looking for alternatives.

An alternative will soon be coming your way via an e-commerce platform. This e-commerce platform will house the first Digital Mall in the Philippines. Go Shopping Philippines will offer all the services that are available in a physical mall. This will be the way to shop in the new normal.

Dream Come True

Go Shopping Philippines is the brainchild of Neil Garcia La-as, who is its CEO and Founder. According to La-as, it has always been his dream of coming up with an e-platform that would protect both the concept store owners and their customers.

Source: Go Shopping Facebook Page

“The new platform secures the buyers from any fake items being sold online. Concept store owners, on the other hand, will be assured that their brands will be properly represented and marketed through this platform,” he said.

He added that he himself had been a victim of fake items which served as his inspiration to push for this platform.

“Aside from a series of bad experiences, what really inspired me is the thought that none of the existing platforms are Filipino-owned so I decided to take on the challenge and risked everything,” La-as added.

Go Shopping PH has a number of distinct features that make it different from the other e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee. Only brand concept stores will be accommodated by this new platform. This will ensure that all items sold are authentic. These concept stores will endorse their inventories to the platform which will sell and ship their items to customers. The store will just wait for their in-house inventory and month-end sales performance report.

Other features include a private chat bot or viber bot for each tenant, a dedicated customer service department to cater to the concerns of tenants, a pay per view and one demand feature, an online clinic, pharmacy, grocery and hotels and restaurants. To be part of this digital mall, tenants will have to shell out a monthly subscription. 

“Other platforms do not ask for a monthly subscription, yes, but Go Shopping PH is different. With your monthly subscription and depending on the package you avail of, you can avail of in-house selling, in-house inventory, in-house delivery, marketing and ad content for your concept,” La-as explained.

Additional perks include photo shoots and video features on the store, exposure in nightly Go Shopping PH show in YouTube channels of PEPPS TV and ExPTV, in house models for products, fashion show for clothing lines, highlight store concept in an LED billboard in EDSA and Facebook post boosting.

“With all these perks, I do not think the two other platforms provide all these services,” he said. “They are free yet they throw back the concerns to each individual merchant. With Go Shopping, our tenants will simply wait for their month-end sales and inventory reports.”

As for the application process to be part of Go Shopping, La-as said they have “a thorough process in accepting a particular business.”

Source: Go Shopping Philippines Facebook Page

“For one, we have this concept approval stage where concepts are to be scrutinized before they can be uploaded in the system,” La-as said. “This is to ensure that we are dealing with the real concept stores and that the items they are selling are authentic.”

Once the business concept is approved, Go Shopping’s Leasing Department will process the uploading of the concept into the system by asking for the necessary business document and permits. Once the tenants have been uploaded into the system, Go Shopping PH will announce their entry in all social media accounts. 

“You can expect Go Shopping Philippines will be marketed exhaustively by our marketing team to ensure it reaches the widest audience as possible,” La-as said.


When in Iloilo seafood food trip should be on your itinerary and Breakthrough Restaurant is a must-visit for your seafood cravings.
Breakthrough restaurant in Villa is one of the best family restaurants in Iloilo. Since 1986 they have been serving only the best and fresh seafood in town. Located in the seaside of Villa, you can enjoy dining with the scenic view of Villa beach and Guimaras Island
Horse riding in Villa
Dining in Breakthrough restaurant was one of my childhood perks since we lived in Villa,  it’s kind of a Sunday or weekend tradition to visit the beach, relax and enjoy good food here.





Everything on their menu is fresh especially the seafood. In the restaurant, you will see tanks full of fish, crabs, shrimps, shells and etc to keep them fresh for dining. Since you are in Villa it’s a must to order Lechon Baboy and Native Manok, Villa is also known to serve best both in Iloilo so include them on your order list.


Lechon Baboy


Lechon Baboy Breakthrough


The dining will never be complete without an oyster. Breakthrough Restaurant so far never failed me when it comes to the best quality and fresh-tasting oysters, you can have it baked or steamed.


Oyster Breakthrough


Next are the fish and squid, grilled squid is a must-try too paired with Sinigang fish soup. They have a lot of fresh fish cuts to choose from, Bangus, tanigue, and managat depending on their catch of the day.


Grilled stuffed squid


Sinigang tanigue


My personal favorite shrimps, prawns, and lobsters. Fresh from the tank, you can choose the size you want and have them cooked whatever you want, steamed, buttered, or sinigang just say it and they will cook it.










Breakthrough Restaurant seafood


If you are looking for the best quality seafood feast, and at the same time enjoy the sea breeze, Breakthrough restaurant is the right place to be. Seaside restaurant, with great service and good food.


Breakthrough Restaurant


However if you can’t go to Villa, they also have other branches in the city, you can visit Ponsyo at Plazuela de Iloilo. You can also go to their Delgado street branch named Dapli.




Pulot Man


There’s an old man selling pulot in Breakthrough Restaurant if ever you miss eating pulot you can get one here.




Pulot or molasses is the thick, brown syrup left after the sugar has been removed from the juice, made during the sugar-making process, and usually used as a sweetener.


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BAHÁNDÌAN: the first academic digital research repository in the Visayas established by a University.

Central Philippine University launched BAHÁNDÌAN, the university’s official Institutional Repository. This university repository provides access to the research and publication output of the Central Philippine University faculty, staff, students, and partner institutions who are conducting collaborative research with CPU.


Copy of Bahandian_SM_Post_4-12
Photo: CPU Henry Luce III Library


This is the first academic repository of its kind in the Visayas and the second institutional repository in Region 6. It is primarily for the management, dissemination, and preservation of digital materials that represent the scholarly work of the Centralian academic community.

Currently, journal publications of the university such as Patubas and Scientia et Fides are in the collection. Journal publications, theses, and dissertations of students and faculty are also prioritized. To protect copyright, only abstracts for research works produced from 1971 to 2021 are available. For those produced from 1970 and below, the full text will be provided. Other CPU-related research publications such as books, reports, manuals, will also be added to the digital collection.



Copy of Bahandian_SM_Post-12
Photo: CPU Henry Luce III Library

BAHÁNDÌAN: The Name and Logo

“Bahándìan” is a Hiligaynon term for a container of treasure. This name was chosen as the repository symbolizes a ‘treasure trove’ of valuable scholarly works of the institution. It will provide open, online access to the University’s research and scholarship, preserve these works for future generations, promote new models of scholarly communication, and help deepen community understanding of the value of higher education.

The logo is a pearl encased in a shell with the Baybayin characters for Bahándìan. This is to symbolize the ‘treasure’ of knowledge held in the repository.


BAHÁNDÌAN is maintained and managed by the CPU Henry Luce III Library

The Henry Luce III Library of Central Philippine University is managing the repository. Librarians and staff of the library are digitizing the materials for Bahandian. As of this writing, there are around 300 documents in the repository. More are being digitized and added to the collection daily.

Librarians and experts from the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC/AQD) Library and Data Bank in Tigbauan, Iloilo provided technical support and training for CPU Henry Luce III librarians and staff to help establish the repository.

BAHÁNDÌAN officially launched on February 15, 2021, in the Rose Memorial Auditorium of Central Philippine University. The event was also streamed on Facebook Live via the University’s official social media pages.




This is one of the CPU Henry Luce III Library’s initiatives in response to the pandemic, the shift to online learning, the growing need for online resources, and the promotion of a culture of research in the university. In June 2020, the library launched Bertha, the virtual library assistant, to great success. 

Access the repository at https://repository.cpu.edu.ph/

For more information about the CPU Henry Luce III Library and our services, visit our website at https://library.cpu.edu.ph

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Mizpah Garden is a mountain resort and retreat event place in Alimodian Iloilo. This highland resort has a spectacular view of nature and mountains that will surely make your trip worthwhile.





road to alimodian


The trip going to Mizpah’s Garden is a bit far and you need to plan the trip ahead unless you have a private vehicle. The road going to the resort is going upward since the place is located in highlands. You may also encounter rough and stiff roads so proper precaution is highly advised.


alimodian rice field


From Alimodian’s town proper, take the route going to Brgy. Bagumbayan. Watch out for Nava Gasoline Station, few meters after the gasoline station, there’s a waiting shed to your left. From the waiting shed just go straight ahead just follow the main road and look for the signage in Mizpah garden. It’s 6-8 kilometers from the waiting shed, so it’s a bit far but the trip is definitely worth the travel.




Mizpah Garden entrance


There’s an entrance fee of P30 and you can already enjoy the place. You can also rent a Kubo if you want a little privacy for only P300. They also have a restaurant to dine-in and if you want to bring your own food there’s a corkage of P700.


Mizpah Garden Swimming Pool
Photo from Mizpah Garden Facebook Page


They also have a swimming pool and room for an overnight stay but it will be operational by February 20, 2021.


Mizpah Garden Room
Photo from Mizpah Garden Facebook Page


The place has an amazing view of the mountains and of course very relaxing. This place makes me think of Tagaytay, the cool breeze, peaceful ambiance, and nature view is just beautiful. The best time to go here is in the morning or in the afternoon you can enjoy watching the view and of course taking photos around.


Mizpah garden view


If you are looking for a trail coffee destination, or you want a quick getaway from the city, Mizpah Garden is the perfect place to visit.


More Photos

Mizpah Garden view



San Rafael is the new travel destination for motorcycle enthusiasts and bikers in Iloilo. The fifth district municipal is also known as the secret gateway to the North.
San Rafael is located 74 kilometers (46 mi) from the provincial capital, Iloilo City. It is bordered by
Dumarao to the north, Lemery to the east, Barotac Viejo to the south, and Passi City to the west.




San Rafael Road


If you love to go on a road trip or go for a ride, San Rafael is the perfect spot for you.
Aside from the green scenery, the long and twisty road drove a lot of riders here. Bikers are making this spot their favorite cycling route going North.


Motorcycle ride San Rafael
Photo from Pitik Bulag Facebook Page


This is also the perfect spot for cornering or banking and chill rides for motorcycle lovers. Photographer Pitik Bulag captures it all! A freelance photographer and motorcycle enthusiast spends his weekends and taking photos of passing motorcycles as a photo remembrance for free.


Biking San Rafael
Photo from Pitik Bulag Facebook Page





San Rafael Cafes


With the growing popularity, San Rafael is also getting a lot of attention to its cafes with overlooking views of nature. You can relax, enjoy nature and the tranquility of the place with a cup of coffee. There’s a lot of cafes serving good food and at a super affordable price.


Here are a few spots to dine and chill:


Kapehan sa Baklayan

Kapehan sa Baklayan
Photo from Kapehan sa Baklayan Facebook Page


Nature Chill Cafe San Rafael


Secret Cafe
Photos from Secret Cafe Facebook Page


Guerero Cafe San Rafael
Photo from Guerero Cafe Facebook Page

and a lot more.


San Rafael road
Photo from Pitik Bulag

Ride, travel, road trip, coffee, and food San Rafael got it all. Take a visit or take a ride and you’ll surely love the nature vibe of San Rafael, the new tourist destination in Iloilo.