Mizpah garden view

Mizpah Garden is a mountain resort and retreat event place in Alimodian Iloilo. This highland resort has a spectacular view of nature and mountains that will surely make your trip worthwhile.





road to alimodian


The trip going to Mizpah’s Garden is a bit far and you need to plan the trip ahead unless you have a private vehicle. The road going to the resort is going upward since the place is located in highlands. You may also encounter rough and stiff roads so proper precaution is highly advised.


alimodian rice field


From Alimodian’s town proper, take the route going to Brgy. Bagumbayan. Watch out for Nava Gasoline Station, few meters after the gasoline station, there’s a waiting shed to your left. From the waiting shed just go straight ahead just follow the main road and look for the signage in Mizpah garden. It’s 6-8 kilometers from the waiting shed, so it’s a bit far but the trip is definitely worth the travel.




Mizpah Garden entrance


There’s an entrance fee of P30 and you can already enjoy the place. You can also rent a Kubo if you want a little privacy for only P300. They also have a restaurant to dine-in and if you want to bring your own food there’s a corkage of P700.


Mizpah Garden Swimming Pool
Photo from Mizpah Garden Facebook Page


They also have a swimming pool and room for an overnight stay but it will be operational by February 20, 2021.


Mizpah Garden Room
Photo from Mizpah Garden Facebook Page


The place has an amazing view of the mountains and of course very relaxing. This place makes me think of Tagaytay, the cool breeze, peaceful ambiance, and nature view is just beautiful. The best time to go here is in the morning or in the afternoon you can enjoy watching the view and of course taking photos around.


Mizpah garden view


If you are looking for a trail coffee destination, or you want a quick getaway from the city, Mizpah Garden is the perfect place to visit.


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Mizpah Garden view

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