San Rafael is the new travel destination for motorcycle enthusiasts and bikers in Iloilo. The fifth district municipal is also known as the secret gateway to the North.
San Rafael is located 74 kilometers (46 mi) from the provincial capital, Iloilo City. It is bordered by
Dumarao to the north, Lemery to the east, Barotac Viejo to the south, and Passi City to the west.




San Rafael Road


If you love to go on a road trip or go for a ride, San Rafael is the perfect spot for you.
Aside from the green scenery, the long and twisty road drove a lot of riders here. Bikers are making this spot their favorite cycling route going North.


Motorcycle ride San Rafael
Photo from Pitik Bulag Facebook Page


This is also the perfect spot for cornering or banking and chill rides for motorcycle lovers. Photographer Pitik Bulag captures it all! A freelance photographer and motorcycle enthusiast spends his weekends and taking photos of passing motorcycles as a photo remembrance for free.


Biking San Rafael
Photo from Pitik Bulag Facebook Page





San Rafael Cafes


With the growing popularity, San Rafael is also getting a lot of attention to its cafes with overlooking views of nature. You can relax, enjoy nature and the tranquility of the place with a cup of coffee. There’s a lot of cafes serving good food and at a super affordable price.


Here are a few spots to dine and chill:


Kapehan sa Baklayan

Kapehan sa Baklayan
Photo from Kapehan sa Baklayan Facebook Page


Nature Chill Cafe San Rafael


Secret Cafe
Photos from Secret Cafe Facebook Page


Guerero Cafe San Rafael
Photo from Guerero Cafe Facebook Page
and a lot more.


San Rafael road
Photo from Pitik Bulag
Ride, travel, road trip, coffee, and food San Rafael got it all. Take a visit or take a ride and you’ll surely love the nature vibe of San Rafael, the new tourist destination in Iloilo.

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