Summer is officially here. Expect warmer days as PAGASA officially declares the start of the dry season. 

With the current CoVid19 pandemic there’s probably no summer trips for us.
While it might seem like a totally scary time right now, know that all these cancellations and precautions are for the good of the public, as officials work to stop the spread of COVID-19. 
Summer calls for a change in routine, a revamped diet, and of course, a new exercise regimen that suits this weather. The onset of warm weather can make your body more vulnerable to different types of diseases and certain health guidelines must be followed to ensure a healthy summer.

Here are a few tips to stay healthy this summer during a lockdown:

1. Eat healthy food

Forget those large carbohydrates and heavy meals, an increase of fats can raise a lot of heat in the body. Eat light, small and frequent meals. Focus on fresh vegetables and fruits that have high water content like watermelons.

2. Drink plenty of water

Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day. Heat and sweat can leave your body dehydrated, which can cause unwanted health problems.

3. Stay indoors or shaded area

Avoid going outside especially after 11:00 am where the sun is at its peak. Not only it can warm up your body temperature right away but it can also lead to more serious problems like heat stroke. So stay indoors and cool off during those times, this might be a good time to do some reading or naps.

4. Avoid Alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol and coffee can leave you dehydrated quickly, switch it to a cooler drink like fresh fruit juice or plain cool water.

5. Take care of your eyes

Don’t forget to wear protective eyewear from the harsh sunlight especially when you are outdoors. 

6. Wear light clothing

Wear light colors and natural fabrics like cotton and linen most of all comfortable clothes like shorts or tank tops to keep you cool. Use a hat or an umbrella for shade.

7.Wear sunscreen

Don’t forget to wear a good amount of sunscreen to all exposed parts of your body and reapply if possible.

8. Exercise

Just because you can’t go to the gym, you won’t exercise. There are a few exercises that you can do at home, or you can try yoga. Daily exercise can boost your energy and mood, plus it can help you lose some weight and now is the perfect time to do it especially during this quarantine.

Most of all don’t forget to have fun and enjoy quality time with your friends and family during this quarantine. Our summer vacation plan may have been canceled but what’s important is we are safe and healthy especially during a pandemic. 

Source: Pexels


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