Summer is officially here. Expect warmer days as PAGASA officially declares the start of the dry season.  With the current CoVid19 pandemic there’s probably no summer trips for us.While it might seem like a totally scary time right now, know that all these cancellations and precautions are for the good of the public, as officialsContinue reading “HOW TO STAY HEALTHY THIS SUMMER DURING LOCKDOWN”

Hello 2020

New Year, New Goals Happy new year everyone!  Well, it’s a month late for greeting but I guess it’s safe to say my new year starts in February.  My last days of 2019 had me beaten so bad, I was jobless and demotivated my entire January, and there’s nothing really I can do about it.Continue reading “Hello 2020”

About Me

Hi, I’m Camella. Previously a Call Center employee, I became a full-time mother and freelance worker in 2016. The Yellow Vibe is all about my personal perspective put into writing. I want to share tips about a working parent and a little bit of small talks on the side. Yellow vibe means radiating positive and happy emotions.

So yellow vibes only allowed! 💛

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