On Hiatus

Little did I know that I am a people-pleaser type of person. I always like being liked to the point that I have to maintain a certain image that goes against to what I really want or feel. I can’t just be mad if I want to because I was always too nice. I can’t […]

work from home


  With the current Coronavirus scare, working online is advised but how to start work at home? Before the coronavirus pandemic started, I have been receiving inquiries on how to start working at home or they are interested in shifting from an office-based job to work at home. Moreover, with the current events quarantine and […]

How About Them?

At the end of the day, the poor will suffer the most.   Most parts of the country are currently on community quarantine. School classes have been suspended, mass gatherings like meetings are also prohibited. Businesses shortened their operating hours and some opted to close temporarily. While this is favorable to most of us, stay […]

About Me

Hi, I’m Camella. Previously a Call Center employee, I became a full-time mother and freelance worker in 2016. The Yellow Vibe is all about my personal perspective put into writing. I want to share tips about a working parent and a little bit of small talks on the side. Yellow vibe means radiating positive and happy emotions.

So yellow vibes only allowed! 💛

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