64 Cases Confirmed By DOH

Additional 12 new cases confirmed today by the Department of Health Philippines, bringing the total to 64. 

The new data shows new patients are four females and eight males ages 30-49 years old.

New data shows:

  • PH31 is a 28-year-old woman from San Juan City who is the attending doctor of PH9
  • PH9 an American man who traveled to the US and Korea.
  • PH29 wife of PH9 and another couple from his household, and a nice were also confined in a hospital for the said virus. All from Marikina city.
  • PH52 and PH49 are siblings aged 79 and 72 years old. 
  • PH12 and PH43 from Makati city are brothers in law.
  • PH28 and PH30 are also a couple.

The current number of confirmed cases in Luzon

  • San Juan City reported 9 cases but DOH confirmed only 8.
  • Makati City – 10
  • Quezon City – 6
  • Pasig City – 6
  • Marikina City – 5
  • Manila – 3
  • Mandaluyong – 2
  • Las Pinas City 1
  • Taguig 1
With the increasing number of cases every day so far two patients recovered while five died.
Hopefully, with this community quarantine implemented, we can contain the spread of the virus and end CoVid.
Everyone is reminded to take precautions and not to panic as it only worsens the situation.


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