President Duterte’s Message To The Public

Pres. Duterte held a press conference this night March 12,2020. Here’s his message to the public.

  • Metro Manila is now on the community quarantine, not lockdown. 
  •  March 15, 2020 April 14, 2020 Land, Air, Sea travel to and from Manila shall be suspended. (Subject to daily review)
  •  Metro Manila class suspension is extended until April 12,2020 but the President asked students to stay at home and study.
  •  Community quarantine imposed in Metro Manila. 
  •  Barangay quarantine is advised if there are 2 confirmed cases. Municipality and Province quarantine is also advised if there are 2 confirmed cases in the Municipality and Province. 
  • The private sector encouraged to adopt flexible work at the scheme.
  • Mass gatherings like meetings, rallies and etc are suspended.
  • OFWs are allowed to travel to China except for Hubei.
  • Filipinos traveled from China are welcome to back to the country

This is not martial law, this is only to fight coronavirus. We need the military. if the police crisis worsens, do not be afraid they are your Military. 
Additional words from the President. 
There must be order in the country, we are trying to contain coronavirus. 
We are here to serve you. Just follow and little patience this is for everyone. 
Let’s help each other. 


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