How About Them?

At the end of the day, the poor will suffer the most.


  • Most parts of the country are currently on community quarantine.
  • School classes have been suspended, mass gatherings like meetings are also prohibited.
  • Businesses shortened their operating hours and some opted to close temporarily.

While this is favorable to most of us, stay at home and wait for updates.
But for others, they need to go out and work and there’s been a lot of negative comments in regards to this.

People waiting for ride to work
Source from Facebook credits to the owner

How about casual workers? the small street vendors, the public utility jeepney and taxi drivers?
How about those people who are forced to go out and hustle for their everyday living?
That’s the big dilemma we are facing right now and WE as citizens must widen our understanding of other people’s lives.
In other countries, when they announced “lockdown” everyone obeys and they don’t need to do anything but to wait because their government supplies their basic needs like food.
In our country that is not the case, the majority of the workers will suffer if they stop working.
No work, no pay. 
Shorter working hours means lesser pay.
Everything else is canceled except for our bills and dues.
For those people, it’s not that they refuse to listen or obey, but they don’t have any choice especially those who are living paycheck to paycheck and have mouths to feed.
Despite the CoVid scare, they need to continue their daily errands and work because they need to survive.
We are punishing them with our harsh judgment as if they don’t risk their lives and healths to CoVid. They too, want to stay at home if only they have enough resources to sustain their day to day living.
Until there’s a good solution to this let’s stop criticizing them.

People waiting for ride to work amidst of covid
Source from Facebook credits to the owner

Also, let’s look at the lives of those who are living in the streets, they are already suffering every day and the pandemic is a bigger burden for them. They can’t afford to buy masks or alcohol, in fact, they can’t afford to buy even one meal. So please instead of making fun of them in the memes, let’s see what we can do to help those unfortunate ones.

Captured by Cee Clark Facebook

This is a serious call to everyone, though other’s need to go out and work, please be cautious and follow safety procedures to avoid the said virus.
For business and offices, please extend help to your employees as much as possible implement work at home if you can.

Let this be a reminder to everyone, during this time of the pandemic, all we have is each other.
Let us be more sensitive and aware of our surroundings and help if you can.

Our government can only do so much, let us take part by helping each other.

Simply ask yourself this, what would you do if you are in their situation?


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