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Day Hike at Mount Igmatongtong, Lauan Antique Philippines

T.O.P Team Visayas led by Mr. Ross Loyola Jucaban, organized a day hike event last March 18, 2017 at Mount Igmatongtong Lauan Antique for beginners and adventurers who are seeking for new thrills.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Location: Lauan, Antique
  • Meters above the sea: 700 masl
  • Jump-off point: Brgy Captnayan (1-1/2 hours)
  • Hours to summit: 3-4 hours
  • Specs: Minor climb
  • Difficulty 4/9
  • Trail class: 3
  • Things to expect: Open trails, Rice Terraces, Scenic views of Lauan, Bugasong and Barbaza
  • Barangay Fee: P20

We started our hike to Barangay Captnayan, the jump off point, at 3 in the morning and reached the said barangay around 5:30am to meet and greet the locals and the Brgy. Captain for our registration and quick rest.

By 6 am, we started our journey to Mt. Igmatongtong, what was great about our day hike is we started early before we endure the baking sun. It’s an open trail with spectacular views of the rice terraces and mountains.

By 9 am, we already reached the peak of mountain Igmatongtong. For a beginner like me, it wasn’t easy as 1,2,3 but it was 101% worth it. I have experienced a lot of bumps and falls and tons of funny moments and I never thought I’ll ever make it to the top plus I have an Acrophobia (fear of heights). When we are getting higher and closer to the peak, my legs are shaking not only because I’m already tired, but because of my phobia, but thanks to my team for helping me and inspiring not to give up. It was nerve wracking and a breathless moment, but with lots of prayers and the last push of my strength, I did reach the peak and took my well deserve selfie.

Even for just 20 minutes, I enjoyed the panoramic view of the mountains of Lauan, Bugasong and Barbaza, fresh air and peaceful sound of nature, far from the busy and stressful city life.

I thought the hard part was over, going up is tiring but going down is challenging most especially it’s past 10am and the sun is already blazing by that time, so just a quick tip, always wear the right footwear and bring tons of sunscreen and jellies (yep like Jellyace, it’s one of the essentials).

12 noon, we’re already back to our jump off point and enjoyed our lunch, prepared by the locals.
Past 2pm we have already moved out, travelled back and reached Iloilo by past 6pm.

Overall the experience was great and fun, I met new awesome friends, visit a new picturesque  place, new unforgettable adventure and new lessons to keep and I am thankful to my team and Mr. Ross Jucaban for the wonderful experience, hope to see you all again on the next trip!

About Mr. Ross Loyola Jucaban

An expert mountaineer and the leader of the TOP Team Visayas, who have organized a number of hiking and adventurous events in different parts of Iloilo.

Here’s a few this coming week and months:

  • March 25 – 26 – Earth hour at the Panipyason Enchanted River
  • Apr 1 – 2 – Atoghangin explo Madalag Aklan
  • April 4 – 9 – Mt. Halcon
  • April 19 -22 – Mt. Baloy
  • April 28 – May 1 – Mt. Nangtud
  • May 11 – 14 – Mt. Madjaas “Aklan trav Antique”  
  • May 22 – 28 – Mt. Mantalihaga Mt. Victoria Mt. Cleopatra.

Please note that the trips have a certain number of availability, so reserve your slot as early as possible and strictly no backing out, be sure to commit if you already reserve your spot.

For more details and updates, please contact Mr. Ross
Facebook: Ross Loyola Jucaban


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