Sicogon Island

Hello to my new happy place!

Sicogon Island, Carles
Here’s a quick guide on how to get on board on this beautiful island.
From Iloilo Ceres Terminal to Estancia
Non- Aircon – P134
Other options:
Aircon Bus (same price I guess)
Van- 150/person
Travel Time: 3 hours
Drop off: Estancia Terminal
From the terminal, you need to ride a tricycle to get in to the port.
Tricycle: P15/person
Travel time: 10-15mins
Drop off: Estancia Port
Next, you need to take a boat ride from Estancia port to Sicogon Island.
They only have 1 boat trip per day going to Sicogon Island, so you need to arrive before noontime. In our case, the boat departs around 11am so be at the port around 10 am or 11 am. If ever you missed the boat ride, you can take a special trip, but the price depends on the number of people and the size of the boat and they can drop you off straight to Buaya beach. Also talk to the person in charge of the boat your departure from the island.
Boat ride: P35/per person
Travel time: 20-30mins
Drop off: Brgy.Alipata Sicogon Island.

Upon arrival, you can ask the locals in the island if they have fresh catch seafood such as fish, squid, crabs and scallops.
Next is going to Buaya beach. The only transportation to the island is motorcycle, bicycle (if you have one) and on foot.
From Brgy.Alipata to Buaya Island
Motorcycle: P50/person
Travel time: 15-20mins
Drop off: Buaya Beach

Buaya beach as of the moment is a bare place (no buildings, no hotels, or cottages) so you need to bring your own tent or you can stay in their tent too if you don’t have one (tent provided to them during the Yolanda typhoon).
Entrance fee: P40
Overnight stay (with or without tent)- P150
We only had a day tour on the island, so we talked to the boat in charge to fetch us on the beach and we just paid him a special price.
Special boat trip: P1,500 and up, depending on the number of people and the size of the boat.
So if you’re looking for new summer destination, Sicogon island should be on the list.

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