Ruins of Alcatraz Roxas City
We are on an adventure to travel to all places in Panay with our motorcycle. Join us as we discover stories, places, and lots of food adventure along our Panay loop ride.
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Roxas City is popularly known to be the Seafood Capital of the Philippines. The abundance of marine life and preserved aquaculture farms have given Roxas City its title. From fishes, crabs, and oysters, they surely have it all fresh and plenty.
One of the famous places to go to Roxas is the La Playa De Roxas People’s Park in Brgy. Baybay. The seaside park is just a few kilometers away from the plaza. You will see all the seafood restaurants side by side and the beautiful sea view. But aside from the park, another local attraction is just lying around the area.



Ruins of Alcatraz View Below
From the People’s park, in Brgy. Nipa, there’s an abandoned resort that’s been catching everyone’s attention. That Maze Runner vibe has been driving everyone to check out this place. This place is very easy to locate, if you are commuting a tricycle can drive you to this place. If you are riding a private vehicle you will not miss this because just outside the area there’s a lot of locals that will point you to this resort.


Top View in the ruins of Alcatraz
According to the locals who served as our tour guide, this resort is own by Bermejo Family. The plan was to build this place as a resort, with a restaurant on the top and an infinity pool below facing the sea. But due to Super Typhoon Yolanda, they stopped the construction and later on abandoned it. Years passed and the place is still unfinished but its beauty still remains.

View Below the ruins
View Below the ruins
The place is naturally beautiful especially since this is on top of a hill and facing the seaside of Roxas. In the local, the place is called Alcatraz ni Bermejo, or the ruins. It is also sometimes referred to as Alcatraz or the Ruins of Alcatraz due to its resemblance to the infamous island jail in the United States.
Top view
The place now is nothing but a viewing site and for pictorial purposes due to its amazing sea view and ancient look. There’s nothing much to expect or do but just to enjoy the scenic view.
Infinity Pool Ruins of Alcatraz


Entrance of the ruins


Going up to the ruins


When in Iloilo Ruins of Alcatraz Feature

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