Hello 2020

New Year, New Goals

Happy new year everyone! 
Well, it’s a month late for greeting but I guess it’s safe to say my new year starts in February. 
My last days of 2019 had me beaten so bad, I was jobless and demotivated my entire January, and there’s nothing really I can do about it. Number one downside of being a freelancer is you don’t get a hold of the job or client no matter how good you performed or how long you have been with them, no law or rules can reprimand them if ever they don’t want you for no reason and I have to accept that. It just really sucks though sometimes, but it is what it is. 
Now I have to get myself moving in a different direction and push myself forward which is really hard especially lots of people are transitioning to freelance work. Nonetheless, I have to, I have to cause I bills to pay, mouths to feed and I want my family to live comfortably and there’s nothing wrong with that. So even I got beaten up so bad I have to fight back and so far this is the longest and hardest fight I have this year, how to survive alive. 
How about you? How’s your 2020?


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