Cathedral Cave and Cliff Carabao Island

A stunning combination of warm crystal clear waters, lush green fields, and serenity.

blue sea, rock formation
Cathedral Cave and Cliff Carabao Island

A small island full of wonders and breathtaking view that will make you impossible not to fall in love with this place.  Cathedral cave and cliff diving site are located on the east coast of the island in a small town of San Jose. This is one of the famous and must-visit spots when in Romblon, owned and operated by a local and under the protection of DENR because of the stunning stalagmites and stalactites found in the Cathedral cave. They are quite strict when entering the cave you are not allowed you to take or touch any of the protected rocks which of course very understandable.

From the entrance, there’s just a small fee of Ph100 for the maintenance of the place and it’s super worth it once you get the place. We walked down a short muddy trail leading you to the ocean, and there’s the breathtaking sea view and the water is super clear and blue. 
We visited the other side first where you will find big caves and cliffs jump sites. For safety purposes, we have to wear a hard hat and a guide took us inside the cave and took photos of us too. The rock natural formation is so astonishing, and a friendly reminder not to touch, take and leave anything to the cave. We saw a lot of amazing stalagmites, stalactites, and there’s even a lagoon right inside the cave and a small fountain where you can drink water and said to have healing powers. 
The baby 
Stalagmites and Stalactites

Terraces, the water is clean you can drink it and said to have healing powers

After spelunking, we visited the other side and this is the cliff jumping site. There are 2 boards you can jump from, the 4 meters and 6 meters high, but due to lack of time I haven’t gave it a try so I just pose for a photo instead. But if you’re cliff jumping enthusiast this one’s for you, you will get to enjoy swimming to crystal clear waters and get epic jumps from different jumping points.

way to the jumping site

16 ft board

After the tour, you can stopover and rest from the huts and they also serve plenty of seafood while being entertained by the locals. 

The every entertaining owner
There’s just so much to love about this place, simple island living with spectacular places to visit and I will definitely come back and this time stay a little bit longer. 
Special thanks to Oceans Edge Resort for arranging this tour.
With the following Iloilo Bloggers who made this trip possible:
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⭐️ – Iloilo Food Blog
⭐️ Nile on Weekends
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