Coffee Project Iloilo

Every Cup Tells a Story

Whether you’re feeling gloomy on a rainy day or you simply want to have a nice cup of coffee on a sunny afternoon, whatever the weather Coffee project is the perfect place to be. 
Behind their facade hides the most Instagrammable interiors that surely you can’t and must not miss. 
From the light fixtures to the beautiful flower arrangement and rustic decorations to their witty quotes everywhere, its everything that you’re looking for in a coffee shop, homey, relaxed ambiance and comforting. 

Here comes the hard part, what to order since everything on the menu is so good?
Lucky us we got a taste of their bestsellers from their coffee to their yummy food.
For the coffee selection, the best seller is the Vietnamese Latte, sweet, creamy and got the just-right amount of a kick that you need in a coffee. 
If you want something cold, try Vietnamese Iced Coffee Jelly, a fun concoction with a subtle but rich coffee blend. 

They also serve comfort food that reminds you of home, from pasta to sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and all-day breakfast, they got it. 

Their Black Pasta is definitely something you just can’t find anywhere, mixed with seafood goodness and has a rich, briny flavor with a faint hint of sea saltiness. 

Fulfill your sandwich cravings with their yummy and healthy Clubhouse Sandwich. Layered with tomatoes, chicken, lettuce, and egg paired with crispy chips, perfect for your afternoon snack. 

Their Sardine Pasta is simple yet divine, with a spicy kick that makes this dish a noteworthy.

Lastly, their all-day breakfast, Continental breakfast, loaded with eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, and a french toast it’s a feast of breakfast in one plate.

After a heavy meal, it’s time for desserts! 
Salted Caramel Cheesecake, velvety smooth texture with the right balance of sugary and saltiness. 

Coffee project will definitely chase your blues away, from their Instagram worthy place, great coffee, and food, you will surely find yourself coming back for more.
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