Crispy Ulo – Ulo Iloilo

Craving for something new?

Crispy Ulo Ulo Iloilo gives you authentic Ilonggo dishes that are definitely out of the ordinary. Usually, if we think about pork maskara (pork face) what comes to our mind is the famous sisig, but now in Crispy Ulo Ulo, they created a new dish that will give you a new taste and new look to your usual food.

One of the bestsellers is Crispy Kare Kare, the sauce and the bagoong (shrimp paste) compliments well and that will make you ask for extra rice. Of course, the main and famous Crispy Ulo,Β  deep-fried pork maskara that is crispy, crunchy and deliciously made. You can never get this to any other restaurant, they are the ones Also, it can be paired with anything whether it’s an ice-cold beer or steaming hot rice or can be both.

Here are their bestselling dishes:

🐷 Crispy Kare – Kare
🐷 Crispy Bicol Express
🐷 Crispy Sisig
🐷 Crispy Sinigang
🐷 Crispy Kangkong
🐷 Crispy Pork’s Ear

And you can enjoy all of these without breaking your wallet or your budget. You can visit them at Central Park Iloilo, they are open daily rain or shine from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am.

If you want to enjoy dine and chill, then Crispy Ulo Ulo is the place to be.

Special thanks to the owners: Jen Parks and Stalin Thornton


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