Oh My Tea Iloilo

Oh My Tea Iloilo

The newest craze to join the block!

Summer is just around the corner and it’s a great time for a milk tea! Aside from your favorite chains, here’s a new one to join the craze. the new kid on the block Oh My Tea just opened their first branch here in Iloilo and the 2nd here in the Philippines. Unlike with others, OMT offers not just Taiwanese milk tea but also Thai teas which give us a lot of options to choose from.

We tried their best sellers, Thai Matcha, Thai Caramel Tea Cream and Golden Sugar w/ Salted Cheese and these milkteas are surely not something to be missed. I must say they got the right combination of the subtleness, distinct taste, and creaminess to each flavor and to add it with their super chewy pearls. 

What makes their Milk Tea special is the ingredients are imported in Taiwan/Thai and the owners attended tea-making classes outside the country. So, you’ll experience what Taiwan/Thai really offers. 

Another thing that I love with OMT is their prices, with such quality milktea the price is just below P100, super affordable!

Milktea shops may not be new especially here in Iloilo but Oh My Tea’s Thai and Taiwanese milkteas prove that they are worth coming back for. 
If you want to try something new and affordable, visit them at Robinson’s Place Jaro groundfloor in front of Penshoppe, who knows this might be your new favorite. 


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