We are on an adventure to travel to all places in Panay with our motorcycle. Join us as we discover stories, places, and lots of food adventure along our Panay loop ride. GOING NORTH Roxas City is popularly known to be the Seafood Capital of the Philippines. The abundance of marine life and preserved aquacultureContinue reading “THE RUINS OF ALCATRAZ ROXAS CITY”

Cathedral Cave and Cliff Carabao Island

A stunning combination of warm crystal clear waters, lush green fields, and serenity. Cathedral Cave and Cliff Carabao Island A small island full of wonders and breathtaking view that will make you impossible not to fall in love with this place.  Cathedral cave and cliff diving site are located on the east coast of theContinue reading “Cathedral Cave and Cliff Carabao Island”

Coffee Project Iloilo

Every Cup Tells a Story Whether you’re feeling gloomy on a rainy day or you simply want to have a nice cup of coffee on a sunny afternoon, whatever the weather Coffee project is the perfect place to be.  Behind their facade hides the most Instagrammable interiors that surely you can’t and must not miss. Continue reading “Coffee Project Iloilo”