Restaurants in Iloilo now offers food delivery services. Thanks to the aid of technology we can still enjoy and satisfy our cravings in just one touch.Food delivery apps like FoodPanda and  GrabFood are making our lives convenient especially with the current lockdown situation. But thanks to some restaurants here in Iloilo who extended their services byContinue reading “LIST OF FOOD DELIVERY IN ILOILO”

A Merry Cup of Mickey – Coffee Project Iloilo

Looking for a new planner for 2020? 🤔 Get this limited edition of A Merry Cup of Mickey Planner and coaster with 15 stickers! 😍 To avail a total of 15 stamps required:📌 5 Holiday drink stamps📌 10 regular drink stamps.Every purchase of participating beverages will warrant you a stamp. Starting 2020 right and get your planner now. 📓📓 📍CoffeeContinue reading “A Merry Cup of Mickey – Coffee Project Iloilo”

A Little Piece of Thailand in Iloilo

Takuapa Thai Deli Shop Do you want to experience the real taste of Thai cuisine?Then Takuapa Deli is the right spot for you. You can never go wrong picking up any dish on the menu cause they are all delicious, authentic and affordable.They use only authentic Thai spices and original recipes, so you’ll experience onlyContinue reading “A Little Piece of Thailand in Iloilo”